April Update

On April 19, Liam had another surgery to remove the distractors. During the procedure, the dura layer (another protective layer under the skull) was accidentally cut.

Liam in a hospital crib

We spent the night in the PICU to make sure there was no spinal fluid leakage from the dura tear and then returned home the next day. An hour after returning home, Liam became listless, his temperature spiked to 103.2, his head became extremely swollen and he wasn’t eating. We traveled two hours back to the hospital where we stayed another two nights. Just days after being released from the hospital Liam’s head became severely infected again. A week and a half later, we are still trying to get the infection under control.

Liam might only be eleven months old (he will be a year old on May 14th), but his bravery and strength are admirable. In his short time on earth, he’s been through more than most people have in their entire lives. We’ve been to at least one doctor’s appointment a week since he was born. He’s been poked, prodded, tested and scanned more times than we can count. What has made it even more difficult is that he doesn’t understand any of it. He was terrified to move for the four months he had the distractors in. He also slept in a baby swing during this time because he couldn’t lay on the sides of his head. The numerous infections caused a lot of pain and discomfort. The medications made his stomach upset.

Despite all of this, Liam never lost his joy.

To this day, people always comment on his infectious little smile (it really is the best)!

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